"Social Impacts of Covid-19 Outbreak and Responses"

Countries all over the world have felt the secondary impact of Covid-19 in every aspect of our life. The impact on the most vulnerable is heavier in comparison with others. Members of households from low-income strata, those with a great many dependants proportionate to earners, migrants, and household members of disguised and unskilled labor are among the ones mostly affected. Some of them have lost their jobs while others have suffered remarkable reductions in their income. Job losses, scarce employability, and reduced disposable income have reflected on the lives of the most vulnerable as they are limited to goods or services. This situation badly affected their well-being.

In this webinar, National Societies shared their knowledge and experience on how the determinants of the well-being of the vulnerable are affected, and how their interventions are designed to support those affected.

Subject: Impacts of COVID-19 on Refugees and Responses of TRC: Cash-Based Supports

Subject: Livelihood Support to Migrants in Pandemic: Bangladesh Red Crescent Experience

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Title "Social Impacts of Covid-19 Outbreak and Responses"
Country Bangladesh,Turkey
Partner Bangladesh Red Crescent, Türk Kızılay
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