OIC Red Network Steering Committee Meeting

To preserve the experience regarding network structure and to ensure the continuity of approach in the establishment process, National Societies served as a member of the Chair Commission and Drafting Committee during the establishment of the OIC Red Network were invited to the Interim Committee Meeting. The “Interim Committee Meeting”, was scheduled and gathered on 27 September 2019, in Istanbul, Türkiye.

In an intensive one-day meeting, a collaborative spirit brought forth valuable and diverse inputs to outline the OIC Red Network Secretariat`s role in achieving its objectives. Throughout a series of work sessions in taking further steps on previous meetings’ follow-up and recommendations. The Interim Committee, henceforth the Steering Committee focused on:

Reviewing Terms of Reference,

Official Logo Designs,

The Secretariat’s Location, Objectives, and Functions,

Work Streams of the Network,

Experiences and Best Practices,

Media Area
Title Steering Committee Meeting
Country Afghanistan,Iraq,Jordan,Kazakhstan,Kuwait,Qatar,Senegal,Sudan,Togo,Turkey
Partner Committee Member National Societies