"Women Engagement in Volunteering Actions"

Within the scope of OIC Red Network Volunteering webinar series, the webinar titled «Women Engagement in Volunteering Actions» was held with the presentations of Laila Tuqan from Jordan Red Crescent, Zahra Adnan Alfi Al-Hossoun from Qatar Red Crescent, and Gamza Kagan from Türk Kızılay.


The aim of this webinar was to find answers to questions such as; how the participation of women volunteers in National Societies activities is achieved? What are the problems and prejudices faced by women volunteers in their volunteering activities? And how do National Societies achieve gender equality in their volunteer services?


The webinar was broadcasted live from the OIC Red Network Twitter account. 

Media Area
Title "Women Engagement in Volunteering Actions"
Country Jordan,Qatar,Turkey
Partner Jordan Red Crescent Society, Qatar Red Crescent Society, Türk Kızılay
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